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Contact: Tim Hardy
Tel: 0171 412 9111
Fax: 0171 413 0061

Britain's KPM Music is heard in countless films and television programmes throughout the world. With offices in 25 countries, KPM is acknowledged as the world's most respected resource for quality production music. It was also the first production music library in the world to release albums recorded Ambisonically.

Nixon, The Bodyguard, Ed Wood, Natural Born Killers are among award-winning productions containing KPM recordings. Recently KPM won the coveted ASCAP award for most performed program music track on American television.

In 1995 KPM joined IBM in pioneering the world's first on-line music service. This enables a director or editor to search, audition and download music tracks through a single PC terminal. All of KPM's 16,000 tracks have now been digitized and this technology is now available to clients in the UK.

KPM pioneered the adoption of Compact Disc in the library industry. Its first CD, Surprise Surprise, by Chin & Cang, released as a joint venture between KPM and Nimbus Records in 1984, scored several firsts: It was the first library CD manufactured in the UK, and was in fact only the third disc to be pressed at the Nimbus factory at Wyastone Leys; and it was the first CD to be mixed in 2-channel UHJ. KPM had previously released the first-ever Ambisonically-mixed album, Keith Mansfield's Contact, and went on to release several albums and CDs in the surround format, most of which remain in the catalogue.

EMI Music Publishing (of which KPM is a vital part) was honoured with the Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1995.

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